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Sexual Fitness: Get F**king Fit!

Are you happy in your sexual life right now? Do you currently feel fit as a sexual person? Do you feel you can fulfill your sexual desires in a way that makes you happy? Does expressing your sexuality make you feel more whole or vital? If not what goals might help make you feel empowered and satisfied in your sexuality?

11 ways to help yourself to a better sex life

Strength-This includes both inner strength and muscular strength. I also value inner strength such as being pleased with my sexual self esteem and sexual self concept. Safety-Knowing when I have reached my limit. She was a natural predator with a killer streak.


She talked about her love affairs while she taught. This was nothing short of radical.

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In the s, the modern fitness industry was still in its infancy and the few regimens that existed prioritized finding and pleasing a husband, explains historian Shelly McKenzie, author of the book Getting Physical: The Rise of Fitness Culture in America. Berk encouraged women to please themselves — an attitude that complemented and contributed to the brewing sexual revolution. Bach became hooked and saw the potential in bringing the workout to America.

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The press was all over this angle. So what changed?

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Eventually, as the wider culture shifted, so did barre. For entrepreneurs, selling visible muscles and physical perfection became lucrative. Jane Fonda brought aerobics to the masses, and co-ed gyms became more popular.

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Americans started to view their bodies more like machines. So how do you prepare for these marathon sex sessions?

Sexual Fitness

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