Guide Natural-Born Intuition: How to Awaken and Develop Your Inner Wisdom

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Like the guy who figures out that working with the force of gravity makes life easier, you may discover that working with your intuition, accessing your Knowing, also makes life easier.

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See for yourself what works and what doesn't. Keep a log of your progress, a personal Knowing Journal see Appendix B for suggestions. Use it as a scientist would: to keep a record of your experiments on the road to new discoveries, to your own Knowing.

Crude intuition: an occasional true hunch

Be patient with yourself. Thomas Edison experimented with thousands of approaches that didn't work before perfecting the ones that did. Throughout this book, Knowing is spelled with a capital K to differentiate it from knowledge. Knowing is a process. Knowing is Now. Knowing is internal, personal, subjective. It's always about you and it always operates in the present moment. Knowledge is historical, is external, and operates in the past. Knowledge is a product, an outcome of inquiry, reflection, and analysis.

Based on collected observations, often rooted in the structured methods of empiricism and science, knowledge is considered more objective than Knowing although even Albert Einstein admitted his fondness for intuition as a useful tool in scientific discovery, claiming, "The really valuable thing is intuition.

Usually, knowledge is "common," meaning shared or experienced by many. As a result, knowledge is generally about the collective, and applicable to many. An example is the common knowledge of plant lore that guided our ancestors and still helps us today.

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Your Knowing works best when you align your right brain's inner wisdom with your left brain's rational knowledge. Just like a worker moves heavy loads more easily with knowledge and the assistance of gravity, your knowledge helps your Knowing, and vice versa. Objective knowledge feeds and sustains intuitive Knowing; Knowing in turn illuminates and elucidates knowledge. Think of the relationship between Knowing and knowledge as an infinity symbol. Together, the two loops feed, extend, and expand our potential for understanding to an infinite level where anything, and everything, is possible.

Natural-born intuition : how to awaken and develop your inner wisdom

The most powerful point in the diagram in Figure 1 is the place where the two loops of the infinity symbol meet, where logic meets sensation, where thought meets feeling. If you choose to access only one loop, approaching decisions and tasks entirely from logic, or entirely from feeling, you're limiting yourself.

By using both your logic and your feeling centers, your left and right brain hemispheres, you expand your potential infinitely. The creative right brain, where Knowing lives, and the analytical left brain, where knowledge is at home, can be trained to work together. In fact, they're designed to work together, the way your right and left hands are. The power is in the partnership between Knowing and knowledge, in the link between right-brain insights and left-brain analyses, in the connection between insights in the present moment Now and the powerful historical data gleaned from passed "nows.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As Albert Einstein said, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. It's time to unwrap the gift of your Knowing.

But because you've picked up this book, you probably Know that already. This place of Knowing has some affiliation to the superego to use the terminology of Sigmund Freud , the collective unconscious in Carl Jung's schema , the Godhead, Universe or Creator in theological and metaphysical terms. Use whichever term you prefer or make up your own; for the purposes of this book, I shall call it the Unseen World to differentiate it from the Earthly World in which we live while in human form.

Your relationship to the Unseen World is uniquely yours; at the same time, the Unseen World is shared with everyone else. A good analogy is this Earth: your relationship to the planet is uniquely yours, and you haven't seen all of it, nor will you in your lifetime. Maybe you like forests, whereas your friends prefer deserts, mountains, islands, beaches, or caves. Just as we don't all have the same relationship with the Earthly World, we don't all have the same relationship with the Unseen World, and we are not meant to.

That's one reason that there are many paths of self-discovery to investigate. The gathered wisdom of many people over thousands of years, a nonreligious view called the Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley in his book of the same name Perennial Classics, , points out the Inward Journey is one which leads to connection to something larger than ourselves, whatever you choose to call it. I call it Knowing.

Silva Intuition System - Silva Method of CT

Just as there are many unexplored corners of this Earth, so too are there many unexplored corners of the Unseen World. And just as you choose where you live or travel on this Earth, so too do you choose what and where you want to explore in the Unseen World. You won't see all of it, either. Don't let the achievement model of the Western world get in your way. The journey is the point, not the destination. In fact, there is no destination, because we are stuck here in the eternal moment, Now, and we never actually reach a destination. We reach a state of mind.

Knowing is the personalized form of this higher state of mind, and it applies solely to you and your life. That's why reaching for those realms of higher understanding, of inner wisdom, requires you to start with Knowing your Self. Bridging the Unseen World with the Earthly World through your own Knowing is the journey you are on, that we all are on. As Shakespeare put it so well, "To thine own self be true.

As everyone else has, you've had moments when the two worlds "collided. Recall a time when you felt so completely connected to nature that time seemed to stop, so loving toward someone that you felt as if you had merged into one being, so peaceful that you would have been happy to stay in that space for eternity, so awed by a religious experience or so moved by a near-death experience that you felt completely connected to something beyond yourself.

Understanding this process allows you to row with the tides, not against them, to move in the flow of the currents between the Unseen World and this Earthly World. If we get "stuck" in our lives, we continue to be faced with the same situation in different forms, over and over again until we learn to row with the tides. At those "stuck" points, we're vainly striving to stay in the same cycle, hoping to be like a swimmer who never changes lanes but keeps doing lap after lap. Ever feel like you dated or married the same personality in a different body a few times, or witnessed a friend do so?

Or kept finding the same types of unfulfilling work assignments, over and over? Those are definitely clues that it's time to change lanes. It's time for an Inward Journey. This blending of logic and insight, of right-brain hemisphere and left-brain hemisphere through the Knowing process, is fed by the energies of Unseen World the upper loop of the infinity symbol turned like an eight and your experience in the Earthly World the lower loop of that figure eight; see Figure 1 on page Learning to actively engage the Unseen World with the Earthly World will guide you to a place of inner calm, of pure awareness, of inner wisdom.

A placed called your own Knowing. A comparison to a scientific principle will make this more clear. Remember that certain parts of the light spectrum, such as the infrared, aren't visible to the naked eye, although they exist. Their higher rates of vibration make them seem invisible, but they're real. Your Knowing Self is like a broad-spectrum light pattern, a fully accessible version of you; it's "bigger, better, more," if you will.

This book is designed to teach you how to allow your bigger-better-more-Knowing Self to inform and guide your journey on Earth. At the same time, your Earthly presence and the choices you make here actually alter the Unseen World. An expansion of the image from the lower loop of the infinity symbol shown in Figure 1 to represent the Earthly World will help you create what I call your Knowing Self-Portrait.

It's designed as a single place where you can record the self-assessment information you'll gather on your journey through this book. You may want to keep a working copy in your Knowing Journal, too. Suggestions for journaling are found in Appendix B. Knowing is always present tense. That's because this present moment, the Now, is all we ever have in which to make choices.

Certainly reviewing your history and focusing forward on your dreams and goals are important, but decisions always happen in the moment, Now. Living from Knowing is a way of being ever-present in the moment. It's also a way of deliberately interacting with a greater degree of your consciousness.

It's living with your inner wisdom switched on, your consciousness more fully engaged. Living from your natural-born Knowing, that deeply guided, fully trusted sense of what's right for you, will take you places you never imagined were possible.

And it will keep fear of change from running your life. When you align the Earth World and the Unseen World, using both your Knowing and your knowledge, life is enhanced. Emotions are felt, but no longer rule you. Relationships flow more easily.

Natural-Born Intuition How to Awaken and Develop Your Inner Wisdom

Work โ€” even work you don't like, or that is beneath your talents and training โ€” becomes rewarding for its own sake, for the process itself. Life lived from Knowing continues in a perpetual, self-fulfilling cycle of movement, growth, and change, like an ever-expanding infinity symbol. Knowing is one loop, knowledge the other, and there's no room for fear. This is because as you work on blending your Knowing and your knowledge, an even more powerful shift happens.

Fear of change, which stops so many people from achieving their full potential, is released. Because you no longer need to fear change. It's just part of the process as the "loops" of Knowing and knowledge expand and evolve.

Divine Messages

When you have a deep connection to your own Knowing, fear no longer fits; you'll find you've outgrown it. Actually, you'll have transformed it. As you build bridges between Knowing and knowledge, between your rational left brain and your intuitive Knowing, between the ever-present Now and the past, fear becomes fuel for change, rather than a block to progress.