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Travel Agent Portal. Biodiversity Over one third of all species recorded in the world are found in the Amazon Basin, constituting the largest collection of living plant and animal species on Earth. Local Communities The Amazon Basin includes a diversity of traditional inhabitants, people who have lived in the rainforest for thousands of years and whose lifestyles and customs are well adapted to this environment.

Mostly, why are they pink? Why are they not all the same shade of pink? I wanted facts. What I got was a beautifully detailed book about the author's hunt for the pink dolphins and very little about the dolphins themselves. It's her story, not the dolphin's. The photos in the book are stunning and that definitely adds to the book, but not enough to warrant three stars. Sep 07, Cammie rated it liked it. But mostly her subject matter is just super interesting— I had heard of pink dolphins in South America but I had no idea they lived in the amazon river!!

But this book has less info about them and more about all the other crazy plants, animals, conditions, and politics surrounding the Amazon rainforest. Totally interesting, totally cool. She is DEF no scientist or research expedition planner; many of her choices seem downright unprofessional and she comes off more like an idiot American tourist than an authority on these dolphins. I think perhaps a big part of this comes from this book simply not aging well— most nonfiction books published these days have to be both entertaining and very fact-heavy, written by scientists or experts who are not writers and often lack palatable literary talent.

Mar 15, Stuart Omans rated it it was amazing. A wonderful book,an even more wonderful reader experience in the original meaning of the word" filled with wonder, with the unbelievable" as the author, a naturalist,tells her story of going deep into the Amazon to try and document the pink dolphin ,almost unstudied into the late 20th century. She finds them as well as their mythic importance to the indigenous people.

She documents the vuluminous life forms she and her photographer friend discover. We learn that a new species is discovered almo A wonderful book,an even more wonderful reader experience in the original meaning of the word" filled with wonder, with the unbelievable" as the author, a naturalist,tells her story of going deep into the Amazon to try and document the pink dolphin ,almost unstudied into the late 20th century.

We learn that a new species is discovered almost every day in his largest rain forest, but also that burning it on purpose to create tillable land is destroying these even as she writes. The dolphin itself is thought of as a shape shifter and enchanter by the native people ans as we read we think they're more right than they know.

A terrific book! I was visiting the Amazon rain forest for the first time and read this book while I was there. It was a perfect companion - full of interesting stories, people and facts about the rain forest. We were lucky enough to see pink dolphins in the river where we stayed and I can completely understand the author's obsession with them.

This book is a great read if you like science and travel books mixed with great storytelling. Aug 12, Kirsten rated it liked it Shelves: wildlife-and-nature , whales-and-dolphins. An interesting book, although it's as much about the author's travels through the Amazon as it is about the botos themselves.

Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest by Sy | BookPage

Also there wasn't a lot about the biology of the botos - it was a lot more about how they fit into local custom and lore. That being said, if you're in it for more of a travel narrative, it is enjoyable. May 30, Brittany rated it it was ok Shelves: sciencewriting , wildlife.

Either I'd forgotten how purple Montgomery's prose could be or this one was purpl-ier than the rest. Either that I just wasn't in the right place for an evocative purple nature book, because I had trouble getting through this one. The fact that there actually aren't very many dolphins in the book--but there is a lot of looking for them--may also have been a contributing factor. View 1 comment.

Pink Dolphins Are Real—and Disappearing From Hong Kong - National Geographic

Aug 14, Shelley Carr rated it it was ok. This was a DNF. I wanted to love it, since I really enjoyed the soul of an octopus, but I found that level of detail and science was lacking.

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I may revisit it later on, but at this point I just lost interest. Nov 20, Linda Brunner rated it it was amazing. One of the most compelling and heart breaking books I have read. And now with a corporate man leading Brazil, what of the treasure that is the Amazon will be left? Nov 07, Stacey Schmidt rated it did not like it Shelves: natural-history , cetaceans , dolphins. Virtually nothing about Boutu himself, but rather a travelogue and accounts of the local peoples' traditions and ways of life, with some information on local plants, insects, and ecology.

Apr 27, Deborah Ideiosepius rated it really liked it Shelves: animallia , wordpress , reading-challenge , marine-and-oceanic , non-fiction , travel. This was a fun books to read.

ISBN 13: 9780743200264

Not the first by this author that I have read, Sy's ability to describe locations, scenes, people and experiences are a big plus in all her books. In this one the four or was it five? Not sure trips to the Amazon river in pursuit of the Pink Dolphins are brought vividly and charmingly to life. The Amazon river the amazing jungles and all the inhabitants, residents and travelers make this an engrossing read.

Now as to the title animal; the pink dolphin, Inia geoffren This was a fun books to read. Now as to the title animal; the pink dolphin, Inia geoffrensis , this book is allegedly about them, to a certain extent it is because they are an ongoing theme. But Sy's original plan to trace their migration in the fascinating rivers and flooded lakes of the Amazon stalled early when she found out they did not migrate.

The people studying them gave her a LOT of assistance by the sound of it, but, in the end, she was trying to write a book about a not very visible, not very well studied Dolphin that lives in a river full of piranhas, which makes studying them that much more difficult. So rather than a narrow focus on one species, this book becomes a story of the Amazon: there are local myths told about the dolphins by locals; apparently they transform into beautiful young people and come ashore to seduce people, and more!

There are interesting stories about the people who live there, the conversations efforts, the river itself, the people she meets, there is geology paleontology, staggering beautiful descriptions of a part of the world I have never been, but would not love to visit. The Amazon comes across as lush, dangerous and intoxicating.